Random Facts

Evan tends to shy away from talking in the third person. The lone exception is in the “about” section of his website.

He has been shooting and editing video for over a decade. And eating swedish fish his entire life.

Evan loves puzzles, stories, and making people happy. Thus; editing.

“That’s the thing about making a movie: You never finish editing. They just take it away from you.”

– Abel Ferrara

Michael J. Fox is one of Evan’s personal heroes. That guy… he’s something else.

Evan is an official Quizmaster and hosts a pub quiz every Wednesday night. This has given him a wealth of random knowledge (i.e. Alien Empress Barbie is a real thing).

When asked how it was that such a nice lady could edit Scorsese’s violent gangster pictures, editor Thelma Schoonmaker replied with a smile, “Ah, but they aren’t violent until I’ve edited them.”

Every time Evan watches a film shot by Roger Deakins, he feels like he’s experiencing movies for the first time.

…and I like editing. I hope that’s clear.